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World Ostomy Day celebrated in Russia

World Ostomy Day celebrated in Russia

Every three years in the beginning of October Russian Association of ostomy patients ASTOM, member of the European Association of ostomy patients, as well as other ostomy organizations around the world celebrates the World Ostomy Day and organizes different events in Moscow and other regions of Russia.

Current pandemic situation interfered with our plans and didn’t allow to hold large-scale events as we used to do. But we managed to organize several excellent online events and other activities. 

ASTOM and ConvaTec held the All-Russian webinar “Ostomates’ Rights are Human Rights – anytime and anywhere!” for people with ostomy, public patients’ organizations, ostomy care specialists and doctors.

On October, 1 ASTOM members participated in the international virtual summit of ostomy patients conducted by ConvaTec.

On October, 12 ASTOM with support of Coloplast, ConvaTec and Paul Hartmann organized an excursion for people with stoma from Moscow and Moscow region to a historical town of Pokrov, established in the 17th century as a monastery village.  We had a tour of its museums, the famous Pokrovsky gingerbread factory where we had tasting and a tea party. We had dinner at a restaurant and held a conference and presentation of new products of manufacturing companies, discussed social, legal, psychological issues related to living with ostomy. The participants enjoyed the lottery and active members of ASTOM and volunteers received honorary diplomas and gifts.  In the end we visited Pokrovsky Holy Vvedensky island hermitage (monastery) on the picturesque lake.

стомированные пациенты в городе Покрове          







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