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Major arrangements within charity programs


Major arrangements within charity programs Public Organization of Ostomy Patients ASTOM
arrangements aimed at social, psychological and home adaptation of ostomy invalids in the post-operative period;
supply of ostomy invalids with reference and information materials, containing recommendations on all the problems that ostomy invalids in the post-operative periods face with;
creating awareness about social issues and rights, support and protection of ostomy invalids' rights;
introduction of the computer database program  'Social register of ostomy patients' for record keeping of ostomy invalids and optimisation of recording all the fields of social assistance and its targeting;
organisation of stoma care specialists' activity in all the areas of  post-operative rehabilitation (psychological assistance, adaptation to new life circumstances with a stoma, etc.);
arrangement of lectures and seminars devoted to the questions concerning home adaptation of ostomy invalids;
organisation of methodological lessons on the usage of ostomy care facilities;
publication of information materials on ostomy patients' problems;
acquisition of vouchers of health resort institutions for ostomy invalids;
acquisition of theatre and concert tickets, and sightseeing vouchers;
arrangements for the telephone "hot line" functioning;
employment assistance for ostomy invalids;
provision of charity assistance for low-income ostomy invalids in the form of medical supplies, food products and consumer goods.