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Welland symposium

Welland symposium

Manuka Honey Workshop – Hydrocolloid containing Manuka honey as a first line defence in maintaining peristomal skin health.

Speaker: Dr. Duale Mahdi, research scientist

Why skin integrity is at the Heart of Stoma Care?

  1. Skin – the interface

Protection – mechanical impact, fluids, radiation, infection; thermal regulation; endocrine function/ Vitamin D; sensation

  • Skins structure – formed by  hypodermis,  derma, epidermis – 3 lays

Structure of the Epidermis:

  • Stratum Corneum Structure:

Key components: 1) Corneocytes contain keratin and compounds referred to as natural moisturizing factor ( NMF), b) Intracellular Lipid bilayer

Skin hydration ( moisture- associated skin damage)

Consequences of Moisture Damage:…(..)

  • The pH of human organs is tightly regulated by acid- base homeostasis varying between 1 to 8
  • “normal” pH skin is acidic in range of 4.1 – 5.8
  • Skin pH bacterial growth in particular staphylococcus aureus which has an optimal pH of 7.5

Peristomal Skin Complication
– common – estimated to be  approx. 70 %
– expensive – treatment cost for severe case of Peristomal skin complication
– is the flange simply an adhesive plate? It has a huge impact on peristomal skin protection
– why have an additive such as Manuka honey in the baseplate? = natural, safe ( ingestible), strong etc

High level of MGO are present in Manuka Honey from the nectar of the flower of the Manuka bush ( Leptospermum Scoparium) , indigenious to New Zeeland.

UMF trademark is giving for the original of the honey , on the content pure.

  • Low pH, High sugar content, hydrogen peroxide,
  • Reported benefits of Medicinal Honey ( anti-inflammatory activity, is used in wound dressing to stimulate and rapidly heal skin, used in burns etc)

Peristomal skin in study ( for flat appliances, not convex)

  • 61 % saw improved peristomal skin and increased in their QOF
  • 93% comfortable
  • 88% felt secure
  • 68% Improved or healed


  • Honey is safe
  • String positive clinical results
  • Leading core research that will be continued to share