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Тhe President Message with information about the next EOA Conference in Italy

President Message

EOA Conference 2020 / 2021 in Italy

Dear friends!

Do you remember the title from the president‘s message of January last?  It was:  „Please be there.“  Now it is very clear that we can‘t be in Garda in April as we had planned and prepared.  The virus that has been plaguing the world has made it inevitable to postpone the EOA conference in Garda.   That is a joint decision of the EOA-EC and FAIS.  The vote of members has decided that the EOA conference will take place in April next year. The result was very clear, 19 out of 27 that voted decided on that.

Both the EOA-EC and FAIS will provide the neccessary work to make sure that the conference will take place next year in Garda.  In the next days FAIS will look into repayments of registration and hotel fees and hopefully those of you that had bought travel tickets will be able to get repayments or use the tickets for other purposes.

The exact timing of the conference next year has not ben decided yet but we will try and do that as soon as possible.

We thank you all for the patience you have shown in this difficult matter and for the prompt answer when you were asked for your opinion.


We will be there!

Best wishes from Iceland, Jon Thorkelsson.