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ILCO Serbia on ECPC in Brussels, 7th-9th June 2019

ILCO Serbia on ECPC in Brussels, 7th-9th June 2019

The ILCO Serbia representative Filip Stokic has been to Brussels from 7th till 9th June in the hotel “Renaissance”. This years Annual European Congress of the coalition of cancer patients ECPC took place in Brussels.

ECPC deals with the research problems which patients have, also with the problems of having better life and finding an adequate therapy. Furthermore the collaboration between countries to enable better care, help and support to these patients, in order for them to have a normal life. The collaboration goes between 28 countries of EU but also between the countries EU non- members. The experts from medicine, farmacology, and the European representatives with the plans and suggestions presented their ideas at the Congress. New solutions of discriminization, normal life and cure treatments for various cancer patients were presented.

ECPC opens its doors to all the countries that wish to collaborate and help their patients who cannot get help in their own country. The organization of receiving guests, their accomodation and the activities was at a higher level, 200 hundred invited guests participated including me. And all who wanted to speak were heard. It was an opportunity to talk to the representatives of many European countries, especially to the Israel ILCO representative, the exchange of experiences, meeting each other and learning about the cultures of other countries.

The four year plan was presented and it was concluded that the present collaboration gets better and better, that more and more people come every year and also new and better solutions for help and patients’medical cure treatments.

Snezana S. Milojevic, bachelor ecc

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