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FAIS is honoured to host the 16th EOA Congress in the beautiful venue of Garda Lake

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Dear friends and members of EOA.
On behalf of EOA and FAIS I welcome you to the town of Garda which is situated in beautiful surroundings at the Garda Lake close to Verona in northern Italy.  This will be the venue for the 16th EOA congress.  As theme for the congress we have chosen:  FROM EXPERIENCE TO SOLUTIONS. The EOA-EC and FAIS have together prepared an inspiring program for the congress.  I am sure that you will find this most interesting and stimulating for your work at home.I hope to see as many of you as possible. Whether you come from Europe, the Middle East or Africa your presence will be much appreciated.

Jon Thorkelsson

President of EOA





Welcome to Italy!

FAIS is honoured to host the 16th EOA Congress in the beautiful venue of Garda Lake. It will be four days for sharing important experiences among people who live the same mission. 

Through the work of our associations we have the opportunity to change the lives of the people we represent for the better. The conference sessions will help us in this. We also have significant challenges ahead of us: reducing the differences between countries in the treatment and care of ostomized people, increasing the representativeness of associations in Europe, finding new solutions to improve people's lives, for example. 

Together it will be easier to do it.

Pier Raffaele Spena

FAIS President




Official language: English


Check-in at Poiano Resort, Garda Registration of delegates

20:00 - Welcome dinner



09:00 - Welcome Video

09:10 - Opening greetings

09:30 - Lecture: Prof. C. Pezcoller

10:00 - Narrative medicine: learning from patient experience to improve quality of life

10:20 - The role of ECET

10:30 - Coffee break

11:00 - Stoma, job and sport: panel discussion with surgeon, stomatherapist, ostomates.

Dr. A. Bondurri, Dr. A. Roveron, Dr.ssa M. Perrotta.

13:00 - Lunch

14:30 - Stoma and food: panel discussion with nutritionist, stomatherapist, ostomates.

Dr.ssa A. Villarini, G. Villa, P.R. Spena

15:30 - Stoma, sex and pregnancy: panel discussion with surgeon, stomatherapist, ostomates.

Dr. R. Aloesio, M. Zamprogno, E. Carissimi, M. Guercio.

16:30 - Experiences of surgeon treating ostomates 

Prof. J.R. Nicholls

17:00 - Conclusion

20:00 - Dinner



09:00 - Presentation of survey results

09:45 - Health Care Systems in member countries

10:30 - Coffee break

11:00 - Workshop: Many organizations in one country: difficulties and advantages

11:45 - Cooperation between the countries

13:00 - Lunch

15:00 - Last three year happenings and projects in member countries

16:00 - NewProject in Zimbabwe and perhaps more

20:30 - Dinner




09:00-12:00 Meeting of the House of Delegates



09:00-12:00 Young Ostomate Meeting

10:30 - Coffee break

12:30 - Lunch

20:00 - Dinner


Check-out and departure