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Association of ostomy patients ASTOM - 30 years!

Association of ostomy patients ASTOM - 30 years!

  Dear friends!

Today is the birthday of the Association of ostomy patients "ASTOM"!

We are 30 years old!


The Association of ostomy patients "ASTOM" was registered by the Department of Justice of the city of Moscow on March 25, 1993. The organization was created by ostomy patients in the most difficult time for our country - in the dashing 90s, with complete lawlessness, with a legal collapse, lack of money in the country, and even more so with the allocation of money to finance social support for the disabled and other socially unprotected sections of society. The issue of gratuitous provision of ostomy patients with important medical products for stoma care, as a fundamental condition for the medical and social rehabilitation of such people and their integration into society, was not on the agenda of either the federal government or the health and social development authorities. Moreover, vital technical means of rehabilitation of stoma patients were in short supply even in commercial sales. There was no Internet, online stores and online pharmacies. In ordinary pharmacies, at best, one could find antediluvian colostomy bags on the belt of the Kazan plant of polymer products. Stoma patients used improvised means and their own “inventions”, or stoma care products were brought by friends or relatives from abroad.

The activation of socially responsible people in the early 1990s, the manifestation of the first sprouts of public initiative, solidarity based on faith in the progressive democratic development of our society, led to the rapid development of public organizations. One of these sprouts was our public organization of ostomy patients "ASTOM", which turned out to be a locomotive and an important link in the development of the process of rehabilitation of ostomy patients in Russia.

For 30 years, the path has not been easy. Side by side, the ASTOM association with leading medical specialists, with health and social protection authorities, with domestic and foreign manufacturers of vital stoma care products, in the format of social partnership with executive and legislative authorities, have done a lot of work in the field of medical and social rehabilitation ostomy patients. The legislative base has been significantly developed in terms of free provision of stoma patients with special technical means of rehabilitation, without which integration into society of this category of persons is impossible.

Ostomy patients throughout Russia with the status of a disabled person receive stoma care products free of charge. Also, in many regions of Russia, ostomy patients without the status of a disabled person receive stoma care products free of charge. The norms for providing stoma care products are set at the level of world standards. The assortment is varied. Domestic, Russian, production of high-quality stoma care products is developing.

There are still many tasks and problems to be solved. But we are sure that we will cope, because we are with you - with socially active patients, doctors and nurses, leaders of public organizations of stoma patients, manufacturers of stoma care products, socially responsible representatives of health and social protection authorities, authorities! And together we are strong!






April 20, 2023


30 years together!

Venue of the Conference:

State Budgetary Institution of Health Care "City Clinical Hospital No. 24 of the Department of Health of the City of Moscow", Conference Hall.

Address:  Moscow, Pistsovayastr., 10.

Contact phone / fax and e-mail of the Organizing Committee of the Conference:

(495) 678-27-30; 8-800-250-23-43 (toll-free from any region).

E-mail: astommoscow@yahoo.com; astom_astom@hotmail.com.

    Website: www.astom.ru


Photo of the administrative building where the Conference will be held:

Hospital 24 Moscow


                       Conference program

10.00 – 11.00. Registration of participants of the Conference.

Coffee break in the lobby. Entertainment.


11.00 Opening of the Conference:

       –welcome speeches by representatives of the Government of Moscow, the Department of Health of the City of Moscow, the Department of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of the City of Moscow, the Committee for Public Relations and Youth Policy of the City of Moscow;

       –welcome speeches by representatives of the Ministry of Health of Russia, the Ministry of Labor of Russia, the Federal Bureau of Medical and Social Expertise, the Social Fund of Russia;

       – welcoming speech by the chief physician of the City Clinical Hospital No. 24, MD, Prof. Rodoman G.V.;

       – a welcoming speech by representatives of the "National Medical Center for Coloproctology A.N. Ryzhykh" of the Ministry of Health of Russia;

       - Presentation of certificates and thanks.


12.00 - 12.15. About the work of the City Service for the Rehabilitation of оstomy patients.

          – Golubeva M.Y. Head of the Department of Rehabilitation of оstomy patients of the City Clinical Hospital No. 24.

         12.15 - 12.40. 30 years together. Historical essay "Yesterday, today, tomorrow".

                –  d. Sukhanov V.G. President of the association of ostomy patients "ASTOM".

         12.40 - 12.55. Interesting facts about stoma care products.

                – Artamonova E.A. Senior manager for stoma care products at "Coloplast".

         12.55. - 13.15. "Duoskin - import substitution in action". Creation of Russian production of medical devices for stoma patients.

                 – Popelnitskaya N.O., product manager of GemaTech LLC.

         13.15 - 14.00. Speeches by the heads of public organizations of stoma patients from the regions of Russia and stoma patients

                – Starenko V.M. Chairman of the Board of the Astrakhan Regional Public Organization of Disabled and оstomy patients "STOMAST", Astrakhan.

                – Gramatchikova L.E. President of the Perm city public organization of disabled patients with ostomies "URALSTOM", Perm.

         14.00. – 15.00. Cultural program. End of the Conference