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6th Global Forum on Incontinence in Berlin Germany

      Partnering with AGE Platform Europe and Eurocarers and supported by key stakeholders at national and international level, the 6th Global Forum on Incontinence (GFI), entitled “Sustainable health and social care: The role of Continence Care in enabling Independent and Dignified living”, will take place at the Hotel Scandic Potsdamer Platz in Berlin, Germany on 19-20 April 2016. GFI is a biennial high-level forum for education and debate on incontinence and continence care initiated and supported by SCA Hygiene Products. GFI’s main aim is to improve the health and social care provisions for incontinence, giving patients and care givers a better quality of life. SCA is a global supplier of incontinence products and solutions in more than 100 countries committed to raising awareness of incontinence as a key health and social care issue and to enhancing the care of patients in a patient-centred, and sustainable way that supports independent and dignified living.

      Incontinence is a serious health and social care issue that affects the lives of about 400 million people worldwide and over 25 million people in Europe. Despite its prevalence and impact, incontinence is one of the least discussed and most poorly understood medical conditions. Consequently, continence care is one of the most neglected areas in national health and social care systems and policy development. However, the burden of incontinence is expected to grow due to an ageing population and now is the time to look at the possibilities to improve and deliver the best possible care for people living with incontinence and their carers.

      In the context of today’s ageing societies and long-term health and social care, the 6th GFI will address the socio-economic burden of incontinence, the cost of inaction, and the role of patient-centred continence care in enabling independent and dignified living. In particular, the next GFI will focus on transforming the delivery of continence care – improving the quality of services for people in need of continence care, fostering greater efficiencies and contributing to health and social care sustainability. The conference will seek to answer the question how to reorganise care delivery and provide measurable and high quality and accessible continence care services in a financially sustainable way.

      The 6th GFI will see key note speeches and presentations, interactive sessions with patients, carers, policy makers, payers and experts, and country breakout sessions to define, measure and translate a quality framework for continence care services into stakeholder and national practice.

      Key themes and topics of the 6th GFI will include the burden of incontinence compared to other chronic diseases including a projection of the costs of incontinence on health and social care by 2025; incontinence as a health and social policy priority; a new approach to providing continence care; funding the future of continence care; best practice examples in the delivery of continence care including through the creation of age-friendly environments, and more.

      The Forum was attended by 350 people from 30 countries in Europe, Asia and America. It is translated into 10 languages, including Russian. From Russia took part in the Forum, Deputy Chairman of the Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation A. Koshelev, the heads of several regional offices of the FSS, president of the National Association of ostomy patients  and with incontinence "ASTOM" doctor of sociology, V. Sukhanov, head of the resource center of palliative care Sviato- Danilovscogo sisterhood O. Egorova.


Оn the materials: http://www.eurocarers.org/6th-Global-Forum-on-Incontinence